Robert Fergusson

Four Poems in Scots with translations into Gaelic by the Rev Roddy Macdonald


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1 Auld Reikie Robert Garioch 20:08

2 Seann Smùchan Coinnneach Dòmhnallach 17:56

3 The Tron-kirk Bell Robert Garioch 2:38

4 Clag Eaglais an Tron Coinnneach Dòmhnallach 2:52

5 Hallow-Fair Alec. MacMillan and Alexander Scott 4:55

6 Feill na Samhna Coinnneach Dòmhnallach 4:55

7 The Farmer's Ingle Alexander Scott 7:44

8 Cagailte an Tuathanaich Coinnneach Dòmhnallach 7:10

Running time on this CD 68:18

This CD features the Rev Roderick Macdonald's translations of these four poems by Robert Fergusson which are paired with our original recordings in Scots released in 1974 to mark the 200th Anniversary of Fergusson’s death.

This bilingual recording is another link between Scotsoun and the late Rev Roderick Macdonald.

We have also recorded Roddy's translations into Gaelic of The Preiching of the Swallow/Searmonachadh a' Ghòbhlain-Ghaoithe by Robert Henryson sscd 115; Max und Moritz in German by Wilhelm Busch (via the Scots translation Dod and Davie by Jim Annand) as Mac agus Mata sscd 114.

The portrait of Robert Fergusson is a detail from an engraving based on a drawing probably by a friend of the poet in the Cape Club mentioned in Fergusson’s poem "Last Will".