Gordon K. Murray

Tales o a Gamie


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sscd 049-1

1 Introductory remarks Gordon K Murray, the author 0:52

2 Remarks on the dialect George Philp 1:53

3 Duologue on the dialect words George Philp/Gordon Murray 2:30

4 Remarks on the stories David Buchan 1:06

(formerly of Stirling University and now Professor in the Department of Folklore, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John’s Newfoundland)

5 The Poacher David Buchan 5:30

6 Calum the Cairter Flora Garry 5:13

7 A Bolt fae the Green Douglas Kynoch 5:16

8 The Open Hill Alexander Scott 6:29

9 The Gamie’s Dogs David Buchan 5:33

10 Mac Douglas Kynoch 4:10

11 Sandy Flora Garry 6:05

total running time of this CD 44:37

sscd 049-2

1 The Incomer Alexander Scott 7:12

2 The Delivery Flora Garry 8:00

3 Jock Gordon Murray 3:02

4 O Bonnie Beastie Flora Garry 5:58

5 The Gamie David Buchan 4:49

6 Gin I had my wye o’t Douglas Kynoch 4:04

7 Fishers are Born Alexander Scott 9:21

total running time of this CD 42:35

Fishers are Born appeared in Lallans No.11, Mairtinmas 1978, published by The Scots Language Society.

All the other stories are to be found in Tales o a Gamie, printed and published by Heatherbank Press, Milngavie.