J.K. Annand

Dod & Davie


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A tale anent twa wee deils and seiven ploys

Dod and Davie owerset into Scots by J K Annand from the original text in German.

1 Foreword 1:25

2 First Ploy 3:03

3 Saicont Ploy 3:07

4 Third Ploy 3:20

5 Fowrth Ploy 3:57

6 Fift Ploy 3:01

7 Saxt Ploy 2:03

8 Hinmaist Ploy 1:16

9 Tail Piece 1:18

The original German text of Max und Moritz by Wilhelm Busch was read by Marja Waddell.

10 Foreword 1:23

11 First Prank 2:57

12 Second Prank 3:00

13 Third Prank 2:57

14 Fourth Prank 3:28

15 Fifth Prank 3:00

16 Sixth Prank 1:43

17 Last Prank 1:00

18 Tail Piece 1:06

Interludes and incidental music on piano and fiddle were played by Hugh McGilp from compositions of Kabalevski and traditional Scottish Airs. "Da Grocer" was by kind permission of Tom Anderson.

Illustration after Wilhelm Busch.

The text of Dod and Davie wis furthset bi Canongate, an is nou out o prent, tho the Scots Language Society haes a puckle copies aye ti haun. We thank Scottish National Dictionaries an Canongate for aa necessar permissions.

Total running time of this CD 43:04