Neil Munro (1863 - 1930)


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In May 1977 Rennie McOwan arranged a visit to the Neil Munro country entitled "It’s a Far Cry to Loch Awe" for Stirling and Glasgow members of The National Trust for Scotland. Dr Campbell, David Angus and Morag Murray have since died but the spirit of the occasion is here captured as a poignant minding – but the talent of Neil Munro lives on.


1 An Appreciation of Neil Munro by Dr Archie Campbell including

2 Shira Glen (John Splendid) read by David Angus

3 Argile (John Splendid) read by David Angus

4 Loch Finne (John Splendid) read by Eileen Sedgwick

5 Extract from Doom Castle read by David Angus

6 Glenaora (The Lost Pibroch) read by David Angus

7 Rain came with the gloaming (The Lost Pibroch) read by Eileen Sedgwick

8 It was well on to winter (The Lost Pibroch) read by David Angus

9 Nettles (O sad for me Glen Aora) read by Eileen Sedgwick

10 The Heather (If I were King of France) read by Eileen Sedgwick

11 Lament for Macleod of Raasay read by David Angus

End of the Appreciation given by Dr Archie Campbell

12 Cruachan Beinn sung by Morag Murray

13 McNaughtan’s Bathroom by Neil Munro, read by Archie Campbell

14 Crodh Chailein sung by Morag Murray

15 Extract from Fancy Farm by Neil Munro, read by Archie Campbell
(from The Roarin Game, sscd 501 )

Scotsoun wishes to thank Eileen Sedgwick, Dr Campbell’s family, Jean Angus and Donald Murray for permission to use these recordings.

Cover illustration after a drawing by David Strang.

 Running time on this CD 61 minutes