John MacDonald

Ceum air Cheum - a new approach to Gaelic


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21 Lessons


Lessons 1- 7 John A (Jake) Macdonald

Lessons 8-14 Calum Ross

Lessons 15-21 Kenna Campbell

Total running time on this CD 67:50

The recording of Jake Macdonald reading the first seven lessons were made on a portable cassette recorder at his home and were not intended for presentation. His death unhappily prevented a studio session to re-record, and we felt that the original would be appreciated as a more personal minding by all who knew him. We wish to thank Mrs Anne Macdonald & the Trustees of the John A Macdonald Memorial Trust Fund for their kind permission to record the contents of Jake’s book Ceum air Cheum; also An Comunn Gaidhealach as publishers