Verse for a New Watch T.S. Law


Lallans 54 - (unkend) 1999

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Hinniewaff David C. Purdie
Regrets George Hardie
Howff Muriel Ferrier
Better than a slater... Iain Ferguson 
Woondit James Hall Thomson
Killing Time Muriel Ferrier
Hungers T.S. Law
Echtyseeven James Hall Thomson
Ferry Acrostics William Hershaw
Paintin the Mune James Robertson
Ferlies furth the yird Dauvit Horsbroch
Skim tae there Andy McNeil
Objects Andy McNeil
Gyte James Hall Thomson
Passive Izzit? James Hall Thomson
Encoonter George Hardie
White Slave Matthew Fitt
Sea Lifetimes Christine De Luca
Love at furst sicht Iain Ferguson
A Leid Cawed Love William Hershaw
Da Ballad o Maggie Reid Christine De Luca
Son of Santa L.A. Reid
Eddie's Monologue Margaret McSeveney
A Jobe in Haund T.S. Law