1 Commentary by Dr Alexander Law

2 Tune: The Broom o the Cowden-knowes leads into the introduction by Dr Alexander Law to the first group of poems

3 Elegy on Maggy Johnston (George Philp)

4 Elegy on Lucky Wood (Robert Garioch)

5 Lucky Spence’s Last Advice (Jean Faulds)

6 Song: Up in the Air (Louis Stewart with George McIlwham, flute)

7 Introduction to next two poems (Dr Alexander Law)

8 To the Phiz an Ode (Dr Alexander Law)

9 An Ode to Mr Forbes (Dr Alexander Law)

10 Song: The Yellow-hair’d Laddie (Anne Gilbey with George McIlwham, flute and Hugh MacGilp, fiddle)

11 Introduction to The Vision (Dr Alexander Law)

12 The Vision, verse I (Dr Alexander Law)

13 Intro verses VII–X (Dr Alexander Law)

14 Verses VII–X (Dr Alexander Law)

15 Intro verses XIII–XV (Dr Alexander Law)

16 Verses XIII–XV (Dr Alexander Law)

17 Intro verses XXVI–end (Dr Alexander Law)

18 Verses XXVI–end (Dr Alexander Law)

19 Tune: The Boatman (George McIlwham, flute)

20 Intro to The Marrow Ballad (Dr Alexander Law)

21 The Marrow Ballad (Robert Garioch)

22 Intro to My Peggy is a Young Thing (Dr Alexander Law)

23 Song: My Peggy is a Young Thing (Louis Stewart with Hugh MacGilp, fiddle)


1 Introduction by Dr Alexander Law the extracts

2 Act I Scene 1 Patie and Roger

3 Act I scene 2 Peggy and Jenny

4 Act II scene 1 lines 64–90 Symon and Glaud

5 Intro to Act II scene 3

6 Act II scene 3 Maud and Bauldy

7 Act II scene 4 lines 47–125 Peggy and Patie

8 Tune: The Lass o Patie’s Mill (Flute and Fiddle)

9 Intro Act III scene 4

10 Act III scene 4 lines 47–113 Sir William and Symon

11 Intro Act IV scene 2

12 Act IV scene 2 lines 112–221 Peggy and Patie

13 Tune: Jenny Nettles (Flute and Fiddle)

14 Intro Act V scene 3

15 Act V scene 3 lines 64–143, 199–end

16 Song: My Patie is a Lover Gay (Anne Gilbey with Hugh MacGilp, fiddle)