ALEXANDER SCOTT (?1515–1583)



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1 Introduction by Professor John MacQueen 18:00

2 (Quha is Perfyte) [JA] 2:07

3 Of May [JA] 3:25

4 Ffolowis the Justing and Debait vp at the Drum betuixt Wä Adamsone and Iohine Sym [DM] 7:32

5 (A Rondel of Luve) [MacQ] 1:15

6 (Lament of the Maister of Erskyn) [MacQ] 1:55

7 (Luve preysis but Comparesone) [JA] 2:09

8 (It cumis yow Luvaris to be Laill) [JA] 2:16

9 (A Luvaris Complaint) [JA] 2:23

10 (To Luve Vnluvit) [MacQ] 1:25

11 (In June the Jem)[MacQ] 1:54

12 Ane New Yeir Gift to the Quene Mary, quhen Scho come first Hame, 1562 [DM] 12:57

13 Song: How suld my Febill Body Fure [sung by Roy Mackenzie, tenor, and played on harpsichord by James V J Miller] 2:53

running time of this CD 60:30

Readers — [MacQ] John MacQueen, [JA] Jack Aitken, and [DM] David Murison.

The text used was from The Poems of Alexander Scott, ed. James Cranstoun LL.D, The Scottish Text Society, Edinburgh, 1896