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1 Introduction by Matthew P McDiarmid 3:35

2 Prologus: On his Translation (vol II pp6-11, p12, and p14) [JA] 2:13

3 The Eneidos begins (II p19, pp75-78) in Vergil’s Latin [AF] 1:02

4 The Eneidos begins (II p19, pp75-78) in the Dryden translation [GP] 1:18

5 The Eneidos begins (II p19, pp75-78) in Douglas translation [JA] 1:07

6 (Quhou stranglit as the prest hecht Laccon and how the hors clam our the wallis of stone) [McD] 7:40

7 Aeneas in burning Troy (II pp100-101) [McD] 3:34

8 Aeneas and Dido and Gossip (II pp164-165) [TC] 2:39

9 Deiphebos greets Sybil and his brother Aeneas when Troy visits Hell (III pp35-36) [DM] 2:03

10 The Roman Genius (III p55) [DM] 1:05

11 Prolough of Sevynt Buke: Winter (III pp61-63)[TC] 4:58

12 Nysus’s arrow kills Tagus, whose friend Volsceus turns upon the boy Euryll

and kills him (III pp198-199) [JA] 1:59

13 Lament of Euryll’s mother seeing her son’s head on the enemy wall (III pp202-203) [TC] 1:49

14 Wounded Aeneas hunts the swordless Turnus (IV pp125-126) [DM] 1:30

15 Douglas’s farewell to his work (IV pp192-193) [TC] 3:11

16 Intro to extraxts from The Palice of Honour in the Shorter Poems of

Gavin Douglas, ed. P J Bawcutt (Scottish Text Society, Edinburgh 1967) [DM] 0:47

17 Dreidful Dreme (II pp136-172) [DM] 2:23

18 The Muses’ Fountain (II pp1126-1161) [DM] 2:11

19 Conscience [DM] 2:08

running time of this CD 47:30

Readers — [McD] Matthew P McDiarmid, [DM] David Murison, [JA] Jack Aitken, [TC]Tom Crawford. [AF]Alistair Fulton reads the Vergil Text, [GP] George Philp the Dryden Translation.