The Poems


Violet Jacob

Readers: Lisa Simmons,

Sheila Mann and

George T Watt 

Violet Jacob

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Poems featured, which are all are in Scots include, The Heid Horseman, The Jacobite Lass, Tam I the Kirk, Halloween, The Wild Geese and many more.



  1. Introduction written and read by (LS)

  2. The Heid Horseman (SM)

  3. Baillie Bruce (SM)

  4. The Doo’cot up the braes (GTW)

  5. The Jacobite Lass (LS)

  6. The Gowk (SM)

  7. The Gean-Trees (SM)

  8. The Beadle o Drumlee (GTW)

  9. The Lang Road (LS)

  10. The Helpmate (SM)

  11. The Tinkler’s Baloo (LS)

  12. Tam i’ the Kirk (GTW)

  13. The End o it (SM)

  14. Craigo Woods (SM)

  15. The Whustlin’ Lad (SM)

  16. Rejected (GTW)

  17. The Kelpie (LS)

  18. Pride (SM)

  19. Mistress Mackay (LS)

  20. The Rowan (SM)

  21. The Tramp to the Tattie-doolie (GTW)

  22. The Lost Licht – A Perthshire Legend (LS)

  23. The Baltic (SM/LS)

  24. The Jaud (SM/LS)

  25. The Blind Shepherd (GTW)

  26. The Banks of The Esk (LS)

  27. The Field by the Lirk o the Hill (SM)

  28. The Shepherd to His Love (GTW)

  29. The Last Ane (LS)

  30. Jeemsie Miller (SM/LS)

  31. The Wild Geese (LS/GTW)

  32. A Widow (LS)

  33. Glory (SM)

  34. The Road To Marykirk (SM)

  35. The Howe o’ The Mearns (GTW)

  36. Kirsty’s Opinion (SM)

  37. Halloween (SM)

  38. To AHJ (LS)