Sheena Blackhall

Oot o the Kist


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SSCD 805 2 CDs

Sheena Blackhall CD


  1. Braes o Skene (SB)
  2. Pastoral: Stagwyse
  3. Faither & Son (SB)
  4. Land Hunger: Stagwyse
  5. Salute tae Toronto (SB)
  6. The Aiberdonian: Boorich o Fowk
  7. Fareweel tae Tarwithie (Trad)
  8. Sea God: Bringing up the Tail
  9. The Rosebud (SB)
  10. The Tryst: Stagwyse
  11. The Banks o Reid Roses (Trad JWS)
  12. The Serpent's Sang: Stagwyse
  13. She Moved Through the Fair (LB)
  14. Bairn Sang: Stagwyse
  15. The Auld Wife Sat bi the Fire (LB)
  16. Spring in Cromar: Stagwyse
  17. Bonnie Lassie Come Ower the Burn (Trad LB)
  18. Maternity: Winnlestrae
  19. A Wee Burr Stuck tae my Apron (Trad SR)
  20. Corn Dolly: Stagwyse
  21. Corachree (Trad LB)
  22. A Gweed New Year: Cyard's Kist
  23. Oh the Shearin's nae fur you (Trad LB)
  24. A Drap o Bluid: Stagwyse
  25. Davie Green the Grocer Oh: (AM)
  26. Pinto: The Heavenly Cow of Thebes
  27. The Corncraik (Trad)
  28. Oh tae be a Salmon: Hamedrauchtit
  29. Farewell My Love (SB)
  30. The Watcher in the Grass: Winnlestrae
  31. The Dance of Death (SB)
  32. The Dying Room: Dule Tree
  33. The Twa Corbies (Trad)
  34. The Lan far Ballads Grow: Boorich o Fowk
  35. The Braes o Strathdon (Trad JWS)
  36. The Herrin Fleet: Gallery Prints
  37. Come aa ye Fisher Lasses
  38. Mr McAfferty: Boorich o Fowk
  39. A Dotteret Aul Carl (Trad SR)
  40. Castlegate Doo: Skin Balaclavas
  41. St Machar's Cathedral (SB)
  42. Swing High Swing Low: Skin Balaclavas
  43. The Mannie in the Lobby (Trad BRH)
  44. Highland Cow: Bringing up the Tail
  45. Braes o Balquidder (Trad BRH)
  46. I had a little Patio: Bringing up the Tail


  1. The Guid-luikin Widda
  2. It's a Sair Fecht: Dule Tree
  3. The Jauntin Car (SR)
  4. What's in your handbag honey? Serendipity
  5. Lady Mary (JWS)
  6. Sin eater: Likeable Ordeal
  7. Cruel Mither (SR)
  8. A Melting Baby; Owl Hour
  9. The Lass Amang the Heather (JWS)
  10. The Intended: Likeable Ordeal
  11. I Aince Luved a Lad
  12. Epiphany: Dule Tree
  13. Gallawa Hills (JWS)
  14. A Postcard from England: Dule Tree
  15. Far Ower the North (SR)
  16. The Flooers o War: Dule Tree
  17. Lovely Molly (SM)
  18. The Silkie Hunter: Sea Quine
  19. The Laird o Windy Waas (BRH)
  20. Wee Beach Hooses: Sea Quine
  21. A Merchant's Son (JWS)
  22. Wickerman: Likeable Ordeal
  23. The Deliverance Sang (SB)
  24. Pantheist in a Hey Park: Diminishing Lines
  25. Tarland Laws
  26. The Bagpipe Player: Sea Quine
  27. The Dancin Piper (SB)
  28. Crivie Gull: Sea Quine
  29. Banks o Claudy (JWS)
  30. Bon Accord: Diminishing Lines
  31. Biddy Milligan (JWS)
  32. At the Festival: Likeable Ordeal
  33. Erin Go Bragh (JWS)
  34. The Plunderers: Likeable Ordeal
  35. The Diamond (JWS)
  36. Auld Man o the Sea: Dule Tree
  37. The Boddamers Hanged the Monkey oh
  38. Monkey-City: Dule Tree
  39. Geordie Weir (JWS)
  40. Femme Fatale: Sea Quine
  41. Ghaists o the Nor East Neuk (SB)
  42. Affirmation: Diminishing Lines