Duncan Johnstone - Duncan in Dunfermline


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1 Carolyn Spohn D Johnstone 6/8 March

Jean Mauchline W Bryson 6/8 March

Dominic MacGowan D Johnstone 6/8 March 5:16

2 Devil in the Kitchen Traditional Strathspey

Birks of Abergeldie Traditional Strathspey

Nellie’s Strathspey Traditional Strathspey

Highland Harry Traditional Strathspey

Seonaid Traditional Strathspey

D Johnstone Traditional Strathspey 3:58

3 Argyllshire Gathering J McColl 2/4 March

Blair Drummond Traditional Strathspey

MacAlister’s Dirk Traditional Reel 4:34

4 My Treasure, My Joy Trad. Gaelic Air

Isabelle MacLean D Johnstone Hornpipe

A Dram before you go Traditional Jig

David Ross PM A MacAulay Jig

Centre’s Bonnet PM W Ross Jig

Donella Beaton G Johnson Jig

Farewell to Nigg D Johnston 3/4 March 8:33

5 Lament for Alan, my son D Johnstone Piobaireachd 10:54

6 MacIntosh’s Banner Piobaireachd 8:03

7 Mr Alex MacLean of Lurebost D Johnstone 4/4 March

Delvinside Traditional Strathspey

Dolina MacKay J Scott Reel 3:26

Total running time on this CD 44:44