Duncan Johnstone - Pipe Tunes


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1 Irish Washerwoman Hornpipe

Rakes of Kildare Jig

Geese in the Bog Jig

Donald of the Sun Jig 4:41

2 Fr. John MacMillan of Barra 2/4 March

Cameronian Rant Strathspey

Sheepwife Reel 4:55

3 Yester House Strathspey

Lady Carmichael Strathspey

Lady Ramsay Strathspey

Put me in the Great Chest Reel

Irish Traditional Reel

Cup of Tea Reel 2:40

4 Rona MacDonald Jig

Finlay Murchie’s Birthday Jig

Chrissie Smith Jig 3:09

5 The Twins Slow Air

An Exercise Exercise 2:38

6 South Uist Immigrants 6/8 March

Donald Cameron’s Pipes 6/8 March

Jimmy Anderson’s

Welcome to Arran 6/8 March 5:17

7 Harvest Home Hornpipe

Tommy Grant Jig

Adam Scott Jig

Nancy MacInnes Jig

Malcolm Johnston Jig 5:38

8 CTS Empress Hornpipe

Cutting Bracken Jig

Alex MacDonald Jig

Cabarfeidh Jig 4:32

9 Invercharron Gathering 6/8 March

Cameron MacFadyen 6/8 March 3:32

10 Duncan Johnstone 2/4 March

Isa Johnstone Strathspey

Charlie’s Welcome Reel 4:23

11 An Cota Ruadh Strathspey

The Rusty Gun Strathspey

The Lads Strathspey

Sandy Duff Reel

Reel of Tulloch Reel 3:09

12 Mary Anderson of Lochranza 2/4 March

Dr Myron Berrick 2/4 March 3:53

13 Tuning Phrase Tuning

The Streaker Hornpipe 3:05

14 Guido Margiotta Jig

Tony lightfoot Jig

Romany Jig 3:06

15 Farewell to Barra 4/4 March 3:21

Total running time on this CD 57:59