Paul McCallum

Eisd Ceòl – Listen to the Music


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1 Eisd Ceòl (Listen to the Music) 4:31

Music Margaret Kirkwood: Words Niall M Brownlie

2 Bu Chaomh Leam Bhith Mireadh (I like to go Courting) 3:11

Music and Words Traditional

3 Mary of Argyle 2:57

Air Sidney Nelson: Words Charles Jefferys

4 Silent Worship 1:47

Music and Words G F Handel (from the Opera"Ptolemy") arranged Arthur Somervell

5 A’ Chailin Mhaiseach Dhonn (The Bonny Brown Maid) 3:53

Music Traditional: Words John MacLean, Tiree

6 Believe Me if all Those Endearing Young Charms 2:19

Trad Irish Air "My Lodging is on the Cold Ground" Words Thomas Moore

7 Oft in the Stilly Night 2:57

Music Traditional Irish: Words Thomas Moore

8 Maighdeanan na h-Airigh (Lassies of the Sheiling) 3:25

Music and Words Traditional: arranged Marjory Kennedy Fraser

9 Gruagach Og an Fhuilt Bhàin (Young Girl of the Fair Hair) 3:22

Music Traditional: Words Donald Allan MacDonald, South Uist

10 Mother mo chrìdh 2:49

Music and Words Traditional Irish

11 The Green Bushes 2:40

Music and Words Traditional Irish

12 Tuireadh nan Treun (Lament for the Heroes) 4:55

Music Traditional: Words Duncan Johnstone, Islay

13 An Ataireachd Ard (The High Surge of the Sea) 4:12

Music John MacDonald, Oban: Words Donald MacIver, Lewis

Recorded at Auchentroig near Buchlyvie. Scotsoun wishes to thank the copyright holder,

Niall M Brownlie, for the use of ‘Eisd Cèol’ as the title track to this recording

and gratefully acknowledges his help and advice.