Psaums, Hymns, Sangs

Clydebank Lyric Choir

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Psaums, Hymns, Sangs.

Clydebank Lyric Choir

Clydebank Lyric Choir conducted by Alexander Graham, organist Walter Blair

1 General Introduction by Rev James Currie 0:54

2 Praise Ye, Jehovah (tune Belhaven) composed by T C L Pritchard 2:52

3 An Eriskay Love Lilt from Songs of the Hebrides arranged by H S Roberton 3:47

4 Intro to Mice and Men Rev James Currie 0:21

5 Mice and Men(tune Desert) arranged by H S Roberton 1:49

6 O God of Bethel (tune Orlington) arranged by H S Roberton 4:50

7 Intro to Iona Boat Song Rev James Currie 0:29

8 Iona Boat Song (Traditional) arranged by H S Roberton 3:02

9 Intro to Child in a Manger Rev James Currie 0:17

10 Child in a Manger (tune Bunessan) Gaelic Melody 2:01

11 Dashing White Sergeant arranged by H S Roberton 1:46

12 I to the Hills (tune French) 2:57

13 Organ interlude played by Walter Blair 2:57

14 Scotland Yet arranged by Colin Wyllie 4:17

15 Intro to two unison psalms Rev James Currie 0:27

16 The Lord’s my Shepherd (tune Crimond) 3:34

17 All People that on Earth do Dwell (Old 100th) 3:00

18 Intro to Aye Waukin O Rev James Currie 0:23

19 Aye Waukin O arranged by H S Roberton 4:22

20 Intro to O Ye who Taste Rev James Currie 0:22

21 O Ye who Taste (tune Helensburgh) composed by Kenneth G Findlay 2:28

22 Intro to Ye Gates Rev James Currie 0:30

23 Ye Gates, Lift up your Heads (St George’s Edinburgh) composed by Andrew M Thomson 2:33

total running time 49:49