Fifty Year o pittin forrad wir leid!

Fifty years of promoting our language

(Golden Anniversaire neist year!)


Lallans 99 is here!







we are noo acceptin entries for oor Sangshaw competition: closes 31st Januar 2022


Original Poesie / Original Poetry

Owersettins / Translations (copy o original source please)

an Cutty Tale / Short Story


Send tae This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or bi post tae the address ablow


£5.00/entry 3 entries fur £12.00

payment in UK Pounds please -

ye can pey bi cheque or

contact wir memmership secretar for bank / PayPal details



Address fur Memmerships an awthin else


Membership Secretary

Scots Language Society

61 Cliffburn Road


DD11 5BA


Lallans 99 wis issued in Novemmer 2021.

Gin ye are nae a memmer jyne noo fur a copy o oor latest magazine.



Walcom tae the online hame o the Scots Leid Associe which haes amang its objects tae forder an uphaud the Scots leid an tae gie a heize tae Scots leiterature an tradeitional music.

The Scots Leid Associe wis foondit in 1972 an aye ettles tae pit forrit a feckfu case for the Scots language in formal, informal and ilka day uiss. Scots wis aince the state language o Scotland (an still hiz mony legal rames ainly fun here) an is aye a grace til oor national leiterature. It lies at the hert o Scotland's heirskep as ane o wir three indigenous leids alang wi Gaelic an Scottish Inglis.

The Associe furthsets the bi-annual journal Lallans, a 124-page magazine o the best nui screivin in Scots, thare is nae ither journal 100% in Scots (free til Associe memmers). See Lallans. Oor Annual Collogue haes been addressed by kenspeckle writers, actors, journalists, musicians, televeision presenters, scholars an ithers. We haud competeitions tae attract baith adults an bairns tae try thair haun at scrievin in Scots. Scotsoun CDs can be ordered throu this wabsteid. See Scotsoun.

The Associe is a cherity registrate in Scotland CR 10286

English Translation 

Welcome to the online home of the Scots Language Society, which has among its aims, to promote and uphold the Scots Language and to give a lift to Scots literature and traditional music

The Scots Language Society was founded in 1972 and always tries to put foward a forceful case for the Scots language in formal, informal and everyday use. Scots was once the state language of Scotland (and still has many legal terms unique to this country) and is always a grace to our national literature. It lies at the heart of Scotland's heritage as one of the our three indigenous languages along with Gaelic and Standard Scottish English.

The Society publishes the bi-annual journal Lallans, a 124-page magazine of the best new writing in Scots, there is no other journal 100% in Scots (free to Society memmers). See Lallans. Our Annual Conference has been addressed by well-known writers, actors, journalists, musicians, television presenters, scholars and others. We hold competitions to attract both adults and children to try their hand at writing in Scots. Scotsoun CDs can be ordered through this web site. See Scotsoun

The Society is a charity registered in Scotland CR 10286



Ess is nae a fu list, ye can fin greit dictionars an thesauri on ess wab steids:


Ahint – behind                                                                         Airn – iron

Argie-bargie – dispute                                                             Auld – old

Auld Nick – Satan                                                                   Awfy – awful, awfully

Ayeweys – always


Beelin – boiling (with suppressed anger)                               Bizzum – cheeky or ill-behaved woman

Blether – one who talks nonsense                                         Bletheranskite – (same but more emphatic)

Boke – retch (gie ye the boke – make you sick)                    Brattle – uproar

Braw – fine, handsome (in dress or appearance)                  Breeks – trousers                                

Breenge – rush, charge                                                         Byde – live


Chancy – uncertain                                                                 Clarty – dirty

Clout – bash                                                                            Clype – tell tales

Crabbit – bad-tempered                                                          Cuddy – horse, (fig.) fool


Daft – foolish                                                                          Dauner – wander

Deid – dead                                                                            Deil – devil

Deive – deafen, exhaust                                                         Deleerit – crazy

Dominie – schoolmaster                                                         Doo – dove

Douce – decorous                                                                  Dozent – sleepy

Drap – drop                                                                             Dug – dog

Dwamm – daydream                                                             


Eejit – idiot                                                                              Een – eyes

Erse – arse                                                                             Ettle – try

Fankle – tangle, mix-up                                                          Fash – annoy, give trouble to

Feart – frightened                                                                   Fecht – fight

Flee – fly                                                                                 Flit – move house

Funn – find

Fyke – ferret (out)


Gaberlunzie – beggar                                                              Gallus – brash, bold

Guan – going                                                                           Gie – give

Gigot – leg of mutton                                                               Gled-rags – fancy clothes

Gonny – going to                                                                     Gowd – gold

Gowp – throb                                                                           Grunzie – snout

Guddle – state of confusion


Hale – whole                                                                             Haly – holy

Hansell – gift                                                                             Haud – hold

Havers – nonsense                                                                   Herm – harm

Hertbrek – heartbreak                                                               Het-up – agitated                                         

Houghmagandie – fornication                                                   Hunner – hundred

Huntigowk – April Fool joke                                                       Hure – whore

Ilka – each, every

Jackanory – story                                                                      Jaggy – prickly

Jalouse – deduce                                                                      Jildy - hurry

Jingbang – the entirety                                                              Ken – know

Kid-oan – joke                                                                           Kinna – kind of


Lowp – jump                                                                              Lug – ear

Luif – palm, open hand                                                              Maun – must

Mense – sense, wisdom                                                            Merrit – married

Micht – might                                                                             Muckle – big; much

Neb – nose; nosey person                                                        Neebor – neighbour

Pair – poor                                                                                Paw – Dad

Pinkie – little finger                                                                    Plooky – pimply

Ploy – trick, stratagem                                                               Press – cupboard

Pyat – magpie                                                                           Rammy – noisy disturbance

Rift – belch


Scunner – disgust, or a disgusting thing or person                    Shair – sure

Sic – such                                                                                   Skelp – smack

Skliff – puny person                                                                   Slaister – mess

Smeddum – spirit, force of character                                         Smouty – small and unimpressive

Snirkle – snigger                                                                         Soor – sour

Sowell – soul (in exclamation “The sowell!” = “poor soul!”         Staun – stand

Sumph – useless person                                                           Swaree – evening visit

Swick – trick, cheat


Thocht – thought                                                                        Thole – endure

Thrawn – stubborn                                                                      Tink – tinker, disreputable person

Tyke – cur                                                                                   Wean – child

Wheesht – hush (haud yir wheesht – be quiet)                           Wid – wood

Widnae – wouldn’t                                                                     Yatter – chatter, babble

Yin – one                                                                                    Yokit – bonded